ROB I sort of get. Being old enough to have been around whe

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ROB I sort of get. Being old enough to have been around whe

Messagepar sunxuemei » Jeu 20 Mai 2021 08:28

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Perhaps I did not Animal Crossing Bells make myself clear enough. I'm not saying Sora is a terrible pick for Smash. He is actually my #2 most-wanted character. I have played essentially every significant KH match (excluding KHX) and that I had been an avid KH forum-goer for more than ten years.

Sora has lots of potential for a fun and interesting moveset. Corrin transforms into a dragon, Byleth uses tons of unique weapons, Pyra utilizes fire strikes and transforms, and Hero has loads of charms and RNG control selection. Nevertheless they all still get hated on for being"another sword user".

My point was that it is hypocritical that people ask for characters like Sora in this match while complaining about characters such as Pyra being"another sword user". Because Sora would play as a sword person, despite all the extra stuff he would bring to the table. Being a sword user isn't bad, and no personality should be criticized for it so long as they deliver an intriguing twist on the archetype.

ROB I sort of get. Being old enough to have been around when ROBs were a pretty common occurrence with NES's; this thing was a piece of crap and up did not work for the large part. The 2 games he worked with were not even great in their own . It just felt odd.

There were TONS other buy Animal Crossing Items characters that would have filled his place very well, and IMO, a LOT more suitably. ANYONE probably would have been better compared to ROB: Krystal, Geno, Ridley, Midna, Megaman, Wolf, Skull Kid, Balloon Fighter, Daisy, Lip, Animal Crossing rep, Vaati, Black Shadow, Black Knight, Isaac, Paper mario, Tails, Bowser Jr, Jody Summers, Little Mac, Simon Belmont, Bomberman...
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