Women only look at physics for white men.

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Women only look at physics for white men.

Messagepar kafa88 » Sam 21 Mai 2022 09:11

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Girls don't study physics at A-level because they think it's only for white boys, MPs say.

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There was no mention of women scientists in the national curriculum that caused it. "The message given by society" to discourage girls from choosing physics, said lead physicist Professor Dame Athene Donald.If you are black or a woman You're not right for yourself,” she said.

In 2021, 23% of A-level physics contestants are female.This is a small increase from the previous year.Prof. Donald from the University of Cambridge told the Commons Science and Technology Committee that It is "relevant" that "most of the images seen by scientists, physicists, are white males."

Teachers should try to "strongly respond" to statements from wider society that may exclude girls and minority children from certain subjects. she added In my generation I know a lot of women who say 'I wanted to do A-level science, but my school discouraged me.' I didn't expect it to be true for a while. but there is a difference between discouraged and not actively encouraged
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